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we are the new dutch

sustainable value chain architects.

we help you to scale your product offering and value chain,

so you can achieve your people, planet and profit goals.


your business is to make products and deliver them to customers around the globe.

innovative, sustainable and premium products, for use in industry, in business or at home, ready to meet the needs of your customers.

your business

your business may be large, an existing global brand,
or it may still be small and ready to scale in size and geography.

your profile

you may be the entrepreneur who created the product, 

or the executive responsible for its success, 

or the investor committed to increase business value.

in any case, it is your job to ensure operational excellence,
in line with your people, profit and planet goals.

we are your partner

we collaborate

we become members of your team to jointly establish product offerings and value chains that provide operational excellence, scalability and cost competitiveness.

we architect

we construct or redesign your value chain and business operations to help you scale your business and improve its performance.

we are responsible

we collaborate to assess the maturity and the ambition level of your value chain’s sustainability, and to jointly realize major improvements.

we offer 3 types of assignments:

interim management

taking on full responsibility for managing your team to scale, and/or significantly improve the performance of your value chain.

program / project management

taking on to deliver initiatives and establish capabilities that scale and/or boost the performance and sustainability of your value chain.


taking on the practical mentoring and coaching of entrepreneurs, startup’s, scale-up’s or high potential professionals in the field of global product business operations.


detect and realize performance improvements across your value chain.


measure maturity, define ambition and turn your sustainability roadmap into reality. 



scale your value chain capabilities, partnerships and teams, in line with your ambition.


co-created, data driven, practical, smart, as simple as possible, focused and fit to your business.

know how

build high performance teams & mentor high potential professionals.


establish best in class partnerships.


co-create, set high ambitions, experiment and realize beyond expectations.


data and transparency to achieve operational excellence and sustainability goals.

our team is organized in 4 focused business practices:

supply chain and operations

scale your global product supply chain and business operations, to the needs of your business.

integrated logistics

scale your global logistics footprint, partnership and operations, to the needs of your business.


product innovation and portfolio

clarify your value proposition and drive implementation of new product development and product portfolio programs.

value chain sustainability

clarify your sustainability ambition and drive implementation of value chain sustainability projects.



we are a team of seasoned and passionate professionals
in innovative product business operations.

focused on Europe but with expertise and partnerships around the globe.


together with you, we design, develop and implement sustainable value chain capabilities,
tailored to the needs of your business. 

meet our team


berend rijnsdorp

berend rijnsdorp

berend rijnsdorp
general manager

y-fang deo van

y-fang deo van

y-fang deo van
sourcing & industrialisation

johan smithjes

johan smithjes

johan smithjes
global logistics

milah wouters

milah wouters

milah wouters
responsible business

bart kuunders

bart kuunders

bart kuunders
global logistics



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